Ajax in Iraq

By Ellen McLaughlin

Directed by Thomas Dimmick

August 27th - 29th 2015
studio 411

Past and present collide in Ellen McLaughlin's mash-up of Sophocles' classic tragedy Ajax with the modern-day war in Iraq. The play follows the parallel narratives of Ajax, an ancient Greek military hero, and A.J., a modern female American soldier, both undone by the betrayal of a commanding officer. Athena, goddess of war, coolly presides over the whole. Inspired by material collected from interviews with Iraq war veterans and their families, Ajax in Iraq explores the timeless struggle soldiers face in trying to make sense of war.



Tay Broadley as Chorus, Second man in the dark, Soldier C & Vincent Charles
Hock Edwards as Larry, NOG Soldier C, Odysseus, Pisoni & Soldier A
Amanda Ferguson as Chorus, NOG Soldier B, Sickles & Soldier B
Luke Gratton as Captain, Fletcher, Minister, NOG Soldier A, Therapist
Rhys Hyatt as Ajax
Sam Knox as AJ
Chloe Laffar as Athena
Cat Perez as Debbie, Leslie Abrams, Patient & Soldier F
Shannen Precious as Rebo, Soldier D & Tecmessa
Launcelot Ronzan as First man in the dark, Sergeant, Soldier E & Teucer
Tijana Simich as Constance Mangus
Claire Tebbutt as Chorus, Gertrude Bell & Judy



Director - Thomas Dimmick
Sam Knox - Set Designer
Katie Southwell - Lighting Designer
Jess Serio - Sound Designer
Jess Bennett-Hullin - Costume Designer
Harriet Fettis - Choreographer
John King - Military Adviser

it had numerous qualities not often seen in student productions of this complexity
— Independent Theatre Association