Back to Eden

By Yuri Baranovsky

Directed by Thomas Dimmick

August 14th - 16th 2014
Drama Workshop

Michael and Samantha have no memory, the only have each other and the mysterious white door. Not knowing how much time they have had together or still have to come, it is a strange occurrence when a man in a suit comes strolling through the white door. Presented with a contract and a very effective sales pitch, Michael and the all knowing businessman Andy Corvell work together to start the world. But did Michael read all of the fine print?



Michael Cases as Michael
Amelia Dee as Samantha
Philip Hutton as Andy Corvell
Shannon Rogers as Jane
Andrew Trewin as Darren
Jessica Serio as Man #1, Mother, Scientist
Justin Crossley as Priest, Michaelist #1, Lawyer, Programmer
Karen Hansord as Town Crier, Follower 3, Rose
Ryan Partridge as Workman, Postman, Police Officer, Follower 1
Tijana Simich as Taxman, Man #2, Michaelist #2, Follower 2


Director - Thomas Dimmick
Stage Manager - Harriet Fettis
Costume Design - Melanie Buchanan
Lighting Design - Scott McArdle
Lighting Operator - Nick Morant
Sound Design - Melissa de Silva
Sound Operator - Luke Gratton
Publicity - Karen Hansord
Photography - Marc Dimmick