Condensed Literature:
The Iliad

DIrected & Written by Thomas Dimmick

February 22nd - 24th 2018

Achilles is angry, Paris is youthful and Agamemnon is trying to keep it together. Menelaus is missing his wife, Hector is trying his best and Zeus is watching from afar. There is so much going on that even over 600 pages only covers a few months of the decade long Trojan War. 

The Iliad is a really big book. It's a long book. And it's a poem! Homer wasn't very considerate of the modern audience when writing this epic. Wouldn't a shortened version, one filled with anachronisms, late night hosts and card battles be more interesting? There is only one way to find out.



Karen Hansord as Homer B, Athena, Andromache
Kala Dunkin as Helen, Hera, Greek Caller, Odysseus, Ensemble 3, Player A
Keegan Zykowski as Paris, Random Greek, Patroclus, Dolon, Polydamus, Xanthus, Scales 2
Alyssa Burton as Menelaus, Thetis, Pandarus, Ajax, Phoenix, Ensemble 2, Priam
Hock Edwards as Agamemnon, Aphrodite, Random Trojan, Ensemble 1, Player B, Scales 1
Nic Doig as Achilles, Apollo, Diomedes, Sleep
Rhys Hyatt as Chryses, Zeus, Hector, Nestor, Hephaestus
Sam Stopforth as Homer A, Jimmy Fallon, Roan Beauty


Thomas Dimmick - Director
Anna Weir - Costume Design
Chelsea Johnson - Publicity

There are some great scenes that are explored poignantly and acted well
— Isolated Nation
makes the most of the ambitious premise and draws many laughs from its target audience
— Australian Stage