Explode or die Cast

A Savage Worlds RPG Podcast

Out every second Sunday

While the Rippers are saving the world back in the 19th century, there are people here in the 21 century that are bring their story to life, who are those people?


Andrew Dawson

Dawson is relatively new to gaming in general, but now can’t find much else to fill his time with. Fan of all games whether it be video, board or tabletop RPG, he will sink his teeth into anything new and is ready to expand his horizons! A huge fan of world building and creating, Dawson loves to immerse himself in other worlds and is still participating in a two year campaign that is nearing an epic end.

The Savage Worlds is slightly different to what Dawson is used to, but hopefully his character will at least last a few sessions without killing himself off.

Hock Edwards

Hock is a long time player of tabletop wargames, but is relatively new to their RPG cousins. He finds the story and character building aspect of RPG systems to be a refreshing change of pace from the mechanics focussed gameplay of wargames. He's also active in local wargaming clubs in South Perth, so if you have the time he's always up for a WH40k match.

Hock is an actor and hopes his skills can help fully realise his characters.

Karen Hansord

Karen is a big fan of video games and tabletop games. She loves watching Critical Role and learnt how to DM by watching Matt Mercer, now she plays Pathfinder every fortnight with friends. Explode or Die allows Karen to stretch her player chops.

Karen is the founder and writer of Tilter, where she reviews video games.

Launcelot Ronzan

Launcelot is a huge nerd. If he's not playing games he's looking for content online or reading about new and interesting releases. Always willing to talk shop he loves game design as much as he enjoys playing and is excited to get stuck into a tabletop game a little different than your typical DnD experience.

He apologises for the accent in advance.

Thomas Dimmick

Thomas has been a long time fan of tabletop RPGs but short time player. Having previously played a very small handful of Dungeons and Dragons sessions, he decided to jump straight into being GM in a different system that he just stumbled upon. 

Thomas is also heavily involved in theatre, which he hopes will help in creating the multitude of characters yet to come.