Play in a Day 2015

The 2015 Play in a Day competition was a roaring success. The aim was for the teams to write a play, rehearse it and then perform it all within the space of ten and a half hours. The teams gathered at 9am and we presented with an object and a theme that they had to engage with. Their object, a red plastic fireman hat. Their theme, greed. There were many different takes of this including robberies, nandos and organise crime.  Ultimately there could only be one winner.

In third place with their play "Clueless" was Big and Hairy, Yet Still Approachable.
Coming in second was Peek and Boo with their play, "The Destructive Greed".
And finally, the first winners of the Black Martini Theatre's Play in a Day trophy was The Brecht-Fast Club with "The Department".



Thesbian Mud Wrestlers - Michael Casas, Andrew Dawson (Captain), Launcelot Ronzan

Big and Hairy, Yet Still Approachable - Nicola, Brescianini, Emily Curtis, Meagan Dux (Captain), Amanda Ferguson, Dean Lovatt, Kieran Renouf, Rebeka Thomas, Rhiannon Thomas

The Unknowns - Jordan Baynes (Captain), Brianna Lea

Peek and Boo - Shannen Precious, Tijana Simich (Captain)

Antonio Bandanas - Adam Dean (Captain), Karen Hansord, Hayley Lyons, Cat Perez

The Brecht-Fast Club - Sam Knox, Alex McVey (Captain), Aaron Vanderkley, Kate Willoughby

Ryan and The Funky Bunch - Jon Maddocks, Sara McIntosh, Nick Morant, Ryan Partridge (Captain), Stephen Platt, Eamonn Skov, Claire Tebbutt


MC - Thomas Dimmick
Sound & LIghting Operator - Harriet Fettis
Judges - Levon Polinelli & Sarah Kate Young