Saving the greeks: One tragedy at a time

By Jason Pizzarello

Directed by Thomas Dimmick

November 19th - 21st 2015
Nexus Theatre

In an ambitious plan to bring peace to Ancient Greece, Dialysis and Peon create Betterland, a city where once-doomed tragic characters can start a better life. But this new society of refugees must face enemies and Gods who don't tolerate free will or utopian ideals. Weaving together the stories of Ancient Greek characters from Oedipus to Hercules, this hilarious reinvention of the classics asks the question, "Is it possible to escape your own fate?"



Sean Wcislo as Dialysis
Aaron Jay as Peon
Alex McVey as Aristotle & Teiresias
Harriet Fettis as Lysistrata
Tay Broadley as Oedipus & King Beta
Anna Weir as Electra, Helen of Troy & Chorus
Luke Gratton as Messenger & Prometheus
Bella Doyle as Medea, Hera & Jocasta
Kiah Van Vlijmen as Soldier & Chorus
Tijana Simich as Clytemnestra, Phaedra & Chorus
Jordan Baynes as Agamemnon, Shepard & Chorus
Claire Tebbutt as Cyclops & Chorus
Abbey McCaughan as Cassandra
Michael Casas as Hercules, Achilles & Zeus



Director - Thomas Dimmick
Nicola Brescianini - Stage Manager
Jess Serio - Production Manager
Sam Knox - Set Designer
Shannen Precious - Lighting Designer
Ryan Partridge - Sound Designer
Jess Bennett-Hullin - Costume Designer
Andrew David, Dean Lovatt & Kieran Renouf - Backstage Crew
Chloe Laffar - Front of House Manager

With Original Music composed by Nick Choo